Prepare to fall for fall in the Canadian Rockies Photography Workshop – Autumn Edition September 2024! 

The sheer immensity of the landscape will leave you breathless. Although the Canadian Rockies are not typically as tall as their neighbours in Colorado, the Canadian Rockies have a deeper valley floor, which makes them appear taller. 

The vertical relief is the result of glaciation from the last ice age about 12,000 years ago. As the glaciers slowly crept across the landscape they carved immense swaths of rock and earth away from the mountainsides as they moved. 

The glaciers also ground the rock beneath them into a fine flour which is now suspended in the many lakes of the Canadian Rockies. As light hits the water, the blue wavelengths of light are reflected off the rock flour, creating the jewel tone colours in the lakes that the Canadian Rockies are so famous for. 

The changing of the seasons is brief but dramatic in the north. The falling temperatures conjure inversions of low clouds that hug the mountain tops, and lull the trees into an autumnal plunge of vibrant colour before their winter slumber. 

The landscape is not the only thing that will captivate you in the autumn. The weeks leading up to the autumnal equinox on September 22 signals the start of aurora-watching season. From the first week in September through the end of October, the chances of seeing the dancing ribbons of the mysterious northern lights will be reaching a peak, as the aurora is most visible during the fall and spring equinox periods due to the angle of the earth in relation to the sun. 

And, in the quiet stillness that settles over the front range of the mountains we will see bears fill their bellies before hibernation, elk and moose rutting, and birds flying south for the winter. If we are really lucky, we may also catch a glimpse of wolves, cougars, lynx or foxes. 

Included in the Canadian Rockies Photography Workshop:

  • Six nights accommodations
  • All transportation with pick up from the Calgary International Airport
  • Private transport to Moraine Lake 
  • Park passes for all national parks 
  • Photography tuition
  • Post processing lessons

Canadian Rockies Photography Workshop – Autumn Edition


On our first day, I will pick you up at the Calgary International Airport at noon in our private 15 passenger Ford Transit. From there we will make our way to Canmore and stop at the local market for provisions. We will then make our way to our hotel for a 4:00 pm check-in. 

We will kick off the workshop with some classroom time covering how to set up cameras, including features for night photography, and how to shoot the aurora. Finally we will head out for our first sunset shoot.  

During our week together, we will be chasing weather for the best photo opportunities in Canmore, Banff, Lake Louise, and north along the famous Icefields Parkway towards Jasper. We will hunt for clear skies for auroras, the edge of rain systems for clearing storm light, end of season Milky Way, the rise of the Orion Constellation and partly cloudy skies for sunrises, sunsets, and twilight shooting. 

Throughput the week we will also schedule two editing sessions: I will show you how I edit blue hour blends, and how I edit aurora images. 

We will check out of our hotel on the last day at 11:00 am and be back to the Calgary International airport by 1:00 pm. 

Essential Equipment for the Canadian Rockies Photography Workshop:

  • Camera with an interchangeable lens
  • A fast wide angle lens (f2.8 or faster) for aurora shooting (12-24 or 14 mm are ideal focal lengths but 16 mm will work)
  • A mid-range (24-70 mm or 24-105 mm; any aperture range) 
  • Long lens (100-400 mm, or 200-600 mm are ideal; 70-200 mm will suffice) for wildlife and long lens shots of mountains and trees
  • A *sturdy* tripod with a ball head.
  • Shutter release (recommended but not essential)
  • Polarizing filter – this is essential gear for photographing water
  • Neutral density filters for shooting flooded aspens 
  • Extra batteries
  • Warm clothes that you can layer – the temperature in September is really comfortable, but it can be cool overnight.
  • A laptop for post-processing lessons
  • Comfortable hiking boots
  • Hiking poles for balance
  • Drone

Post-Processing Lessons

There will be some down-time between shoots to process the images from our trip. Make sure you bring a laptop that has Photoshop, Adobe Bridge, and Lightroom installed. I also like Nik. Trying to install programs while on the trip may prove very difficult with limited internet services. Come prepared to get the most out of our post-processing sessions!

About Me

I am fortunate to call the Canadian Rockies home. I know every inch of foreground at the locations we will visit, how the light changes through each season and where temperature differences will be most likely to produce foggy conditions. 

Dates & Prices:

Autumn in the Rockies: PhotoPills Expedition! September 15-21, 2024. I will be teaming up once again with the PhotoPills team to host an expedition to the Canadian Rockies to explore all of the majesty this time of year has to offer. From fall colours, to the aurora borealis, and the first dustings of snow on the peaks, we won’t leave a single photographic opportunity unexplored! We also have a special surprise day planned. Join the priority list and be the first to be notified when this trip opens!

Golden Larches & Emerald Skies: September 22nd -28th, 2024.  I strongly believe that the outdoors is for everyone, including those with more limited mobility. I will be working with co-guide so that I can offer both easy access locations, and optional hikes.

Golden Larches & Emerald Skies: September 29-October 5, 2024. This edition of the September in the Rockies Photography Workshop will involve short walks from the car. If hiking isn’t an option for you because of sore knees, or difficulty carrying your gear for long distances, this workshop is for you. This workshop will challenge you to expand your photography skills without putting extra strain on your body. 

The total cost of the workshop is $4495 USD. A $1500 deposit is required to reserve your spot. 

What is included: Six nights of lodging, all transportation including pickup from the Calgary International Airport, park passes, private transportation to Moraine Lake, and photography instruction, and editing classes. 

Don’t hesitate to use the contact form if you have any questions!

$0.00 – $2,995.00