This ‘Winter Cabin’ Focus Stacking and Exposure Blending Editing Tutorial is suited for beginner and intermediate level photographers. The video provides an in-depth discussion with example images of when you would need use techniques like focus stacking and exposure blending, as well as step-by-step instruction of how to blend those images together using Photoshop.

About the Image

This photo was taken on a very chilly winter night in the Canadian Rockies. The temperature had dipped down below 30 degrees Celsius when I arrived at the lake. But the cold temperatures create the most magical conditions with mist, intricate frost flowers, and frozen bubbles suspended in the ice.

To create this image, I laid down in a snowbank and gingerly rested my camera and tripod on the thin sheet of ice that you see in the foreground. That ice was only about a quarter of an inch thick, and would float away (taking my camera with it!) each time I attempted to adjust my settings. My cold fingers had to work quickly as the battery died after only two to three shots. I had to change the battery and warm it next to my skin in an effort to coax the camera into taking one more shot.

To get an even exposure, I shot the scene with multiple frames, and then blended those frames manually in Photoshop.

What you will learn:

  • My camera settings in the field
  • Using layers and masks
  • Manually blending focus-stacked images
  • Manually blending different exposures
  • Adobe Camera Raw adjustments (similar to Light Room)
  • Sharpening
  • Noise Reduction
  • Processing color
  • The download also includes copies of the original images so that you can practice the same techniques

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$49.00 – $49.00
  • The video is available for instant download after purchase
  • It is formatted as an MP4 (which is compatible with most devices)
  • The raw file used in this video is available as a zip file with the video download
  • Duration - 47 minutes